Day 5, 6, and 7 – Back in the saddle again!


Day five was a cardio day and not very dramatic. And day six was Sunday, a day of rest, so other than drinking a ton of water, trying to eat right, there’s not too much to write about.

Went back into the gym today and hit the upper body again. This time I went by myself and used my workout log and used all of the machines my wife trained me on.

It actually felt good getting back on the machines.  My pecs were still a little sore from the last time on the machine, but it was a good kind of sore. Did most of the exercises with the same weights as I started out with, but I got a little adventurous on a couple of machine and upped the weight 10 pounds.

Met a few bodybuilders who introduced themselves and offered to help me on the machines. I guess my form needs a little work. One guy was a personal trainer and was helping another client, but offered me a free hour of his time. That was nice and I might take him up on it.

Another guy struck up a conversation with me. He said he was 72 years old and another guy who was there is 84. It’s amazing because I never would have guessed their ages.

I really expected the gym to be packed, what with all the new years resolutions to get fit. But American Iron Gym is primarily used by the heavy hitters and it wasn’t crowded at all.

Tomorrow is dreaded leg day. I’m going to go a little easier this time because last time I overdid the weights and felt it afterward. So I’m going to try mixing it up a bit and do a lot more stretching to get my flexibility back.  I’ve already noticed an improvement in my flexibility and that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow night, Tammy and I are going to a Zumba Class to do cardio together. Kind of a date night, if you will.

Oh, almost forgot, my goal during this 21 days to establish a routine of health and fitness is to lose 10 pounds without going on a special diet. I’ve already lost 4 pounds, so I’m well on my way to making my goal. 🙂

21 days

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    1. I’m hoping the 21-day program will inspire many people to start down a new path to fitness and health. It’s only three weeks. And don’t worry if you backslide a bit on the way. That’s to be expected, old habits are difficult to break. Hang in there!

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