Day 8 – Catching my second wind!


I’m excited that I have made some gains in my 21-day journey toward establishing better health and nutrition habits. By keeping a journal, I’m watching my progress day by day including what I’m eating, how much I’m exercising and how I’m feeling.

To date I’ve lost six pounds without hardly trying. I think just by forcing myself to write down what I eat, I’m eating healthier, more regularly and I’m flushing out my system with at least a gallon of water every day.

Yesterday, I moved our recombinant bike into the house, where I can hop on it and pedal my butt off for 20-30 minutes and break a nice sweat without having to drive to the gym. I also cleared away the junk from the treadmill in the garage and gave it a go-round for about 30 minutes. It felt pretty good, and although the garage is unheated, I warmed right up after the first couple of minutes.

I will not lie to you and claim I have done everything i have set out to in this first week. I missed a workout day because of other commitments and I cut my workout short a couple of times.

But experiencing setbacks during the first week of an exercise program is to be expected. Working out is not yet a habit. Like having a beer when you get home from work or plopping on the couch and watching TV. The process takes time. Eventually, I will automatically grab a big glass of juice or water and hop on the bike when I get home. I know, I know. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s going to be difficult.

Writing this blog has been a catharsis that helps me stay focused on my goals. It keeps me honest and I can almost feel your warm smiles of encouragement as I write this. Some of you are well on your way down your own path of living a healthier lifestyle. Some of you have not yet started, but are trying to find the courage to start.

Unfortunately, we all have different motivations driving us to take action. Just remember ‘some day’ is not a day of the week. I purposely choose this 21-day plan to form healthier lifestyle choices because it’s only three weeks. I can handle three weeks. I’m already practically half way to my goal. Is it difficult? Yes, it is. But you just do the best you can each day. Pretty soon eating healthy and exercising regularly will become a habit.

I do plan to keep on with my quest after the 21 days are over, but I choose not to think about it until I have accomplished my goal. One of my goals was to lose 10 pounds. I’ve only got four pounds to go, so I think I will exceed my goal. That will give me a huge amount of confidence.

Plus my mobility has already increased to almost double what it was when I started working out. My wife, Tammy, who has been on her own fitness quest for 3 years now, has been coaching me along the way and getting me to work on stretching out my muscles more before and after a workout.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get back in the gym and hit the machines again. Then I will have the weekend to recover, do cardio at home and lots of stretching. See you at the gym! 🙂


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