Day 14 – Staying on track

Today is day 13 of my 21-day program to establish better health and nutrition habits.

297511_445294605510217_2056257126_nMy, how time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been remiss in posting to my blog for a few days and that’s where my friends like you come in. You keep me focused and on point.

I have been slacking off and only working out at home. I have a big fitness photo shoot today and I’ve been getting ready for this shoot called Hot Bods and Hot Rods.

On Sunday, I went up to Lake Tahoe and took family pictures and spent a couple of hours trudging through the snow, so I’ve gotten exercise, but fallen short tracking my progress.

My flexibility is getting progressively better and I’m using barbells and dumbbells at home to keep on my program. I’ve lost another pound, making my total weight loss at 7 pounds. Still have three pounds to go.

Thanks to my friends for keeping me honest. This is just the beginning of my quest to become healthy and fit.

I could say that I was testing you to see if you would keep me on track, but that would be dishonest. Thanks for being here for me. Anyone who has tried to form new lifestyle habits know how difficult it is.

Have to go take pictures of people who do have habits of keeping healthy and fit. I know I will rekindle my motivation with this shoot.

Brian and Traci are amazing people. They are bodybuilders and personal trainers and have amazing energy and uplifting personalities.

I will be posting some of the pictures here, so stay tuned. I will be back.


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