Back in the Saddle — AGAIN! (Yay)

Got out my mountain bike and went for a short spin yesterday.

I think I fell in love with my bicycle all over again after a years’-long separation.


I used to ride bike an average of 3 hours a day. I race against my own times, distance, average speed, etc.

But, alas, I developed skin allergies and couldn’t ride for years. Thanks to modern medicine, I can now ride without developing big red, burning blotches on my skin wherever it comes into contact with ANYTHING.

When I rode my bike, my hands, my feet and my butt would itch and burn. It felt like someone had poured lighter fluid on me and lit a match.

But old habits are difficult to break. I continued riding for about two months until I could no longer endure the pain.

No negative reaction yesterday, so — YIPPEE!

I will start riding daily again starting out with short times/distances and increase it daily until I can ride for 3 hours straight.

It will take a few weeks to get my butt conditioned to sit on that tiny seat, but it’ll be worth it. Those narrow seats are not for the weak of the rear-end. They’re a lot less comfortable than those, wide, gel-padded seats you see on most city cruisers. Those are only good for casual rides in the park with your kids or for short jaunts.

The narrow seats take longer to adapt to, but your inner thighs won’t get chaffed from constantly rubbing against the saddle (another term for bicycle seat).

Bicycling is great exercise. I enjoy the constantly changing scenery and hard work pedaling uphill is rewarded by a reward of coasting downhill. It’s great for the lungs, legs, building stamina, getting fresh air, clearer thinking and weight loss.

So, like my childhood hero Gene Autry the singing cowboy crooned in his 1941 hit song “Back in the Saddle Again,” it’s time to pony up. lol

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