Dear Universe:

We need a good one-half horsepower garage-door opener motor. Don’t need no stinkin’ new one;  Anything that’s in working condition will be perfectamundo.

It’s kinda beneficial that it’s been broken because we’ve been having to open and close it manually.  It’s like doing a 60-pound military press each time we open or close it, and really good upper-body exercise. But not very enjoyable at 4 a.m., when you’ve just goten up are are still half asleep. Not really enjoyable at any time for that matter.

My price range is around $50. Don’t need no stinkin’ new one, but I’d happily accept a new or like-new one for that price! And No hurry because when we replace it, we’ll just have to compensate by adding a few more military presses to our gym routines. 🙂

You always take care of us and help us find everything we need (like our awesome new oven and amazing chef’s-quality stainless steel grill).

Just though we’d put this out there because every time we do, — POOF! — whatever we’ve asked for appears like magic! And quickly, too.

Here’s a photo just for reference:


Thanking you in advance!

Paul & Tammy White

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