Building model careers at KodaMax Photography

Got some amazing photo shoots scheduled in the next few days at KodaMax Pro Studios:

Two of them are beautiful teen-model portfolio workups with Isis and Janae. We’ll be doing head shots and poses with a variety of wardrobe changes with both girls in a professional studio session. Their best images  will become part of printed business cards, model comp cards and a model bio for publicity packets.

Also doing a commercial marketing session centered around 4 Disney princesses including Cinderella, Snow White, Bella from “Beauty and the Beast” and Ella from the movie “Frozen.” Should be a fun and interesting shoot with all that royalty in KodaMax Pro studio at once time. 🙂

Professional model workups help aspiring models and actors create a professional-looking press kit with photos, business cards, head shots and comp cards with biographical information. I have worked with hundreds of models and helped many of them get a jump start on a professional career.

I’m very good at coaching models with poses. Helping them feel at ease in front of a camera and learning how to engage potential clients, who are eager to take a chance on someone who knows how to present themselves.

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