I (heart) exercise!

It’s been a full month since I began my quest for improved health and fitness in 2016. As a new year’s resolution, I bought an 18-month gym membership and have made it a point to get to the gym every single day in January.

To keep track of my progress and commitment, I attached a red  heart sticker on my desk calendar after each day I went to the gym.

Hearts Calendar

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I worked out every single day in January. But I made it a point to at least check in at the gym. Some days, I worked out at home with our free-weights and recumbent bike. Other days, I walked one mile to the gym and one mile back. And when it was too cold or rainy, I would drive to the gym.

Now that February has arrived, I plan to use the same heart-sticker system as a source of motivation. This month, I’m using different color hearts for variety.

The reason I’m using hearts is because exercise is good for the heart. The heart also is the universal symbol of love. I’m going to the gym because I want to share a long, happy life with my wife, Tammy.

She made a commitment to health and exercise more than six years ago and she’s still working hard and staying fit and eating healthy. She’s a rock star in the gym and my major source of motivation. You can follow her blog on Facebook by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=lifting%20my%20spirits

Note: Tammy and I tied for “Biggest User” at Anytime Fitness Red Rock/Cold Springs! We each checked in 33 times in January, besting all other members. Most of the time we are at the gym at different times of the day, but occasionally we go together  — a gym date, if you will. Biggest User Jan. 2016




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  1. OK! I’m giving you both big gold stars to go with your hearts! I LOVED reading this post. Congrats on sticking to your guns and making it happen. I’m off to visit your wife’s blog now!

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