Week one and DONE!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

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Yay, me! Made it through my first week of “Paul’s May Makeover Fitness Quest.” lol

“The Quest” consists of two daily gym visits, an hour of outdoor cardio (when possible, indoor when not possible)  and more attention to my water intake, diet and nutrition.

On Saturday, I did body measurements and weight to give myself a point of reference for body sculpting.  Areas of concentration are: biceps, waist, buttocks, chest, calves and back.

My home digital scale crapped out so I have to use the gym scale to chart fluctuations in my weight. Obviously, I can’t weigh myself naked on the gym scale, so i have to factor in my t-shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. I figure that’s about a pound or so.

The exciting thing is that I’ve let myself go so that I weight more than 280 pounds! It should be easy to melt about 10 pounds of that in a week or two just because I’ve eliminated any beer for the month of May.

weight 284 5-4-17

One of the keys to good nutrition begins with drinking lots of water. I need to drink about a gallon a day. I good indicator that you’ve had enough water is that your pee is clear and not yellow.

Iced waterPlanning on taking an official ‘before” picture of portly self today. You know, one of those godawful somber looking pictures of the perspective dieter looking slouch-shouldered, frumpy and depressed. Or … maybe not. Maybe I will choose to have my “before” picture to be of me dressed as sword-wielding black Ninja! 

Yes, I believe I might do that, since I’m a photographer and have my very own photo studio and a ton of swords, guns, knives, cross-bows, maces, and other weapons of individual destruction. Don’t want all of that hand-to-hand combat training I had in the Marines go to waste. 🙂

Note: I’ll be posting more personal blogs every few days to chart my success, and document my body sculpting and fitness adventures. Feel free to follow me as I can use  support and encouragement on this new life path. )

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