Reno women’s mag unveils a ‘body positive’ issue featuring artistic nudes

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The cover of the January/February edition of “Bliss Babe’ women’s magazine greeted guests at the Launch Party in the Plaza Resort Club in downtown Reno on Jan. 17, 2018.

The successful and empowering Reno-based “Bliss Babe” women’s magazine hosted a sold-out launch party for their January/February 2018 edition.

And what an elegant, fun and informative event it was! It was especially enjoyable to be surrounded by so many beautiful people, all dressed to the nines, smiling, laughing and looking their finest.

There also was wine tasting hosted by some of the regions finest vineyards, a bounty of delicious hors d’œuvres and the official unveiling of a spanking-new magazine “Bliss Babies“, which will focus on children and is slated to be published this spring.

“Tonight, we’re making a world debut, and we’re set to go globally as far as we can carry this campaign to teach women to embrace their bodies, embrace their curves and be healthy and take care of themselves,” said Leslie McCarroll, the magazine’s foundered publisher.

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‘Bliss Babe’ magazine’s founders Debbie McCarthy, left, and Leslie McCarrol.

The more than 200 guests at the gala were greeted by a mockup of the recent “Bliss Babe” cover featuring the beautiful Felicia Imilli, 29, a local boudoir photographer, wearing little more than a smile, but tastefully presented in black and white.

A total of 10 beautiful local women are featured on the magazine’s glossy pages, each looking confident, and comfortable in their own skin. They each speak to the value of having wisdom, of having a good, healthy self-image and accepting yourself for who you are instead of comparing yourself to everyone else.

The compelling stories behind each of the women women in the magazine were written by Meghan Ochs with black and white photographs by John Devine. They each allowed themselves to be vulnerable to tell their stories and empower men and women to love and respect their bodies.

“They all have the same insecurities as all of us, yet they were brave enough to participate in this project and open their souls to inspire us to be our best at any age, despite adversity,” McCarroll wrote in the publisher’s note in the current edition of “Bliss Babe”.

The nine other women featured in the Body Bliss Positive article are:

  • Amy Burkett, 41, co-owner of Soul Space, personal trainer and massage therapist;
  • Morgan Dawn, 29, yoga instructor and personal trainer;
  • Jacki Hallerbach, 49, executive director of a non-profit;
  • Tiffany Dethmers, 30, mom and model;
  • Danyelle Sargent Musselman, 40, sportscaster and spin teacher;
  • Madeline Hardacre, 47, physician;
  • Meghan Ochs, 33, author of the women’s articles, coach, professional ski bum and business owner;
  • Jackie Peacock, 42, BODYpow founder, developer and instructor; and
  • Mena Spodobalski, 48, Evoke Fitness owner and trainer.
Bliss girls (2 of 3)
   A sample of the photos in the current edition of ‘Bliss Babe’ magazine. (printed with permission).

It’s the third launch party since the magazine’s inception and it seems to have found a nitch in the region by addressing body image issue man and women face on a daily basis.

The magazine, which was co-founded by Debbie McCarthy, is creatively designed, well written and edited and is filled beautiful photographs to help illustrate the articles. The current issue is especially appealing because of the artistic images and the biography of these 10 women, who each talks about the importance of having positive body image and overcoming adversity to become the best person they can be.

Held on the seventh floor of the beautifully renovated Plaza Resort Club in downtown Reno, owners Rob and Sheryl Fitzgerald hired local designers and have renovated the upper flowers of the hotel with authentic Americana and Art Deco furnishings. The magazine launch also debuted this beautiful upgrade in downtown Reno.

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Rob and Sheryl Fitzgerald, owners at the newly renovated Plaza Resort Club in downtown Reno.

“It’s a hidden gem in Reno,” Sheryl said. She also gave me quick personal tour of the seventh floor, which includes meeting rooms, a large open patio with views of the Reno skyline and the Sierras. There also is  a beautiful, indoor swimming pool and fitness room complete with authentic photos and memorabilia of past Reno athletes.

“Bliss Babe” magazine is available in print at more than 100 outlets in Northern Nevada, Sacramento, El Dorado, Walnut Creek.

In addition to the print version, “Bliss Babe” is available online and can be viewed globally at”

“The idea is to teach women and men that you can live your life on purpose and you can go after your passions and dreams. All it takes is a start. You don’t have to know how, you just have to start,” McCarroll said. “And so “Bliss Babe” is a platform to let people know and teach people that it’s possible, that’s all.”

This article along with more photos will be published at Click on the link to view more images.

Bliss girls (1 of 3)
Examples of the profiles printed of 12 Reno women who bared all to tell their story and empower women and men to love their bodies.


Bliss (99 of 138)
A photo from the launch event at the newly rennovated Plaza Resort Club in downtown Reno.
Bliss (85 of 138)
“Bliss Babe” publisher Leslie McCarroll announces their new magazine “Bliss Babies”, which will debut this spring and feature stories and articles on children.




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