Boot Camp Day 4 – Meh

fullsizeoutput_a3aDidn’t do a whole lot today. It was extremely hot and the air was filled with smoke from the wildfires in California.

So I spent the day mostly planning my fitness activities, designing a 6-day weekly fitness tracker, and getting a ton of yard work done.

But I’m looking forward to implementing some new fitness activities into my schedule.

Working out shouln’t be work, at least in my estimation. Getting fit and losing weight should be something to look forward to, not to dread like when my mom forced me to take a tablespoon of cod liver oil every day. Bleeeech! Hated that crap.

So this blog is short on purpose. I’ve already lined up an  ‘Adventure Photo Walk’ for tomorrow. Going to walk three miles in our neighborhood and take pix with my cell phone. Should be interesting.

Only 74 days remaining. Now things are going to get interesting. 🙂



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