Boot Camp Day 5: Fun, 4-mile adventure!

On Saturday, I decided that I should create a list of fitness activities that are fun and interesting to incorporate into my 77-day (11 week) self-imposed boot camp.

I’ve already grumbled and bellyached about how boring gym visits can be, so I won’t linger on that theme.

My goal writing this blog is to figure out ways to look forward to being active, getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle. So, Saturday morning I set out to walk 3 miles and take photographs and then blog about the things I see and hear while I’m out ‘adventuring.’

Simply exchanging the word ‘workout’ for  the word ‘adventure’ does the trick for me. Yes, it’s a psychosomatic word game, but hey if it works, it’s worth a shot, right?

So I headed out and photographed a sunflower along the sidewalk. The sun was hot so I walked on the shady side of the sidewalk with no destination in mind. Only to try to get 6,000 steps (about 3 miles) on my Fitbit.



Next thing I know, I’m heading to Anytime Fitness gym, which is about one mile from our house. There and back again and it’s 2 miles (I know, I’m a math GENIUS). All I have to do is find a diversion path for the additional mile and I’m done for the day! Woo-hoo!

It was already getting hot, so I wore my Camelback hydration pack and put ice water in it.

The gym was cool and I went back to the wall ball and tossed the 12-pound medicine ball up at the backdrop 15 times. I also found the sandbags they use for group training and decided I should research how I can incorporate that into my workout. (In Marine boot camp, we often had to move mountains of sandbags from one location to another … just because the drill instructor said so. lol )

After about 20 minutes of walking around and checking out different machines, I headed outside and proceeded down a gravel road at the base of a hill.  I had only gone a few steps and I saw a shadowy figure move along the dirt road. It was HUGE and it startled me, but I couldn’t see anything. Thought it might be a coyote or a mountain lion, which have been seen in these parts pretty frequently.

Then I saw the shadowy shape again, but still couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, the shadow came right at me. When I looked around, I saw that it was a hawk soaring overhead, which is why the shadow it cast onto the ground appeared so large. Ha!


To get the extra mile I needed, I followed the road to it’s termination near the Petsmart Mega warehouse. There’s a little pond nearby with trees, cattails, birds, ducks and other wildlife, so I headed over to walk around it.

Here’s what I saw:


An overheated stellar jay panting from the hot sun perched in a treetop.


Some fat old cattail reeds growing near the pond. …


This alien-looking plant. No idea what kind of plant it is but it looks like it’s full of bird seeds. …


And this little grove of aspens growing inside of the fenced-in area.

I got about a block from home and my Fitbit started vibrating to let me know I had put in 8,000 steps, which is about four miles. I had only planned on walking three miles, and I enjoyed every minute (although it was kinda hot).

On Sunday, I’m thinking about driving into Reno and try my luck fishing for rainbow trout on the Truckee River while getting my steps in. Could be fun, right?




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