Boot Camp, Day 6: A 6-mile adventure

Sunday was supposed to be my day of rest. But it was only day six of my 77-day, 11-week, self-imposed boot camp to lose weight and get back into shape.

I was anxious to test my idea to make my workouts interesting by doing fun stuff. My plan was to combine fishing with photography and walk along the Truckee River in Reno and maybe pick up some fish for supper.

So I got everything ready, including suntan lotion, insect repellant, my rod and reel and a creel to put the fish into (yes, I am an optimist). lol

As I headed toward my destination, I drove by Paradise Park Pond. The Nevada Department of Wildlife stocks trout into the pond, so I thought I’d try my luck.


There were only a handful of people at the park and most of them were harmless looking homeless people sleeping under trees. But there were hundreds of pigeons, Canada geese and seagulls inhabiting the pond and the park. It was like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds.”

I went to grab my camera gear and realized that I had left my camera backpack at home. No camera! Fortunately, I did have my iPhone in my pocket and I had loaded my fishing stuff in my car, so I decided to walk around the park and cast my line out at different points around the pond.


Ground squirrels were scampering around everywhere. So I grabbed a shot or two of them ‘hiding’ in the rocks.


Nearby, there was a guy wearing a big straw hat and fishing from the comfort of a folding chair. He wasn’t having any luck, so I continued on my journey. At the south end of the pond, I noticed a heron standing on a rock. I took nearly 1o minutes to get close enough to photograph it with my iPhone camera, which doesn’t have much of a telephoto zoom on it.


He pretty much ignored me as he frequently put his beak into the mossy water near the rock and moved his tongue around.  I guess a sunfish thought its tongue was a worm and the next thing I knew the heron had swallowed the sunfish whole.

Thunderstorms were building to the south and west and I could hear thunder was getting louder. The cloud cover helped keep the 90+ degree heat somewhat bearable.

IMG_3924 2

I had only completed about 3,000 steps, which is about a mile and a half, so I headed over to Rock Park in Sparks to walk the bike path there and fish in the river. There were tons of people floating on inner-tubes, having picnics and just relaxing along the river, so I walked about a half mile to were I could access the cool, clear water that flows all the way from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake.

The fish weren’t biting on the river, either. Maybe it was too hot or they just weren’t hungry. Then I noticed a yellow swallowtail butterfly feeding on a Russian thistle. Figured it would fly away if I got close enough to get a shot with my iPhone, but it sat there and I got 2 shots before it flitted away.

Monarch Butterfly

It was a surprisingly good shot.

I also encountered a man with a spinning reel fishing near a bridge along the Truckee River. He hooked up with a little rainbow trout while I was there and released it back into the water.


The storm was drawing nearer and a light rain started to fall, so I walked some more and tried my luck, thinking the fish would cooperate. No such luck.

Then my lure got snagged on some rocks and had to break my line. So I decided to head home.

Checked my Fitbit and I had almost 12,000 steps, or six miles and 168 minutes of activity.

Making my fitness workout ‘adventures’ is working well. I’m staying motivated, getting some great pictures and time seems to fly by.

But after walking six miles, I think my rest day is going to be Monday, day 7 of 77 days of self-imposed boot camp. (However, I might go to the gym and play with the sandbags or a bit later today.

We shall see.



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