Boot Camp, Day 10-13: Life happens!

Despite our best intentions, sometimes things happen that impact our lives and derail our goals, ambitions and routines. It happened to me on Friday, when I noticed that our swamp cooler was leaking water.


Temperatures have been soaring up into 100-plus degrees every day and causing air-conditions to work overtime. Plus, thunderstorms that have resulted in the hot weather have set fires across California and Nevada, filling the air with heavy, unhealthy smoke.

Our evaporation cooler came with  our house, which we bought 22 years ago. It is beginning to rust on the bottom.


Being from the Midwest, I tend to be thrifty and try to fix things before I break down and shell out for anything new. I figured I could patch the holes and get a few more years of service out of the unit for the price of some patching materials, liquid rubber sealer and metal plates to patch the holes.

Long story short, it took three attempts before I got the leaks stopped. So, I didn’t have a lot of time for exercising, but I managed to get in quite a few steps making repeated visits to our local hardware store for supplies.

Today, we’re enjoying the cool air from our swamp cooler, and I managed to work in some cool activities in the evenings where I walked a lot during a photography Photo Walk with professional photographers at Reno’s Caughlin Ranch Park.

Photo courtesy of Photographer Mark Vollmer.

Sunday morning, I thought about skipping this blog for the three days that were interrupted by this temporary inconvenience. But my wife, Tammy Hansen White, who is  a personal coach and bodybuilder has been consulting me about my 77-day (11-week), self-imposed boot camp.

She encourage me to just write about the experience and share with others who have had their fitness plans derailed by every day life.

“Blog about those days. Let people know what you did and that you worked in household chores like mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and cleaning up around the house,” she said.

fullsizeoutput_a46.jpeg“Some day you can look back on this and say ‘I didn’t quit,” she said.

We also celebrated my victory over the swamp cooler by  going to Longboards Pizza for the first time, and I enjoyed an ice cold brew.

Oh, and to make sure I got my 8,000 steps in, I always parked on the other side of the parking lot, and I also made a couple of runs to Wal-Mart for some food and supplies.

Couldn’t enjoy any outdoor activities because of the unhealthy smoky air, so I walked several laps around the air-conditioned store and looked at all kinds of stuff including 4K televisions and electronics.


So, bring on Boot Camp, Day 14! Only 63 days of 77 remaining. Besides being able to say “I didn’t quit,” I also get to say that working outside during the hottest dog days of summer resulted in the loss of about 3 pounds. Progress!


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