Boot Camp, Day 16: Stop thinking & get moving!


The biggest thing that holds me back is that I spend too much time thinking and too little time doing.

Today is Day 16 of my self-imposed 77 day (11 week) Boot Camp. My goal is to actively improve my lifestyle to get back in shape, eat nutritious meals and lose some excess fat.

Simple as that. Every day I schedule activities that will help me develop healthier habits. I’m hitting the gym twice a week, trying to work in at least four miles of walking or cardio exercise, and drink so much water that I could grow gills.

My wife Tammy and I are both avid readers and enjoy multitasking by listening to audiobooks while walking or working at the gym. Self-help books are a source of inspiration and information for people who aspire to improve their lot in life.

Yesterday, I listened to a few chapters of Gary John Bishop’s book “Unfu*k Yourself, Get out of your head and into your life.”

His message in the book is that most of us spend too much time thinking about changing our lives and too little time actually taking action to change things to our favor.

I used this technique yesterday and it worked! Won’t bore you with the details, but I needed to take action on a few things. Instead of overthinking everything and considering all of the possible outcomes, I just got out of my chair and went and dealt with the problems.

The outcome of my actions was better than I had even imagined!

DSC_0694I also decided that since I drove into town, I might as well get my steps in by walking along the Truckee River and take some photos to get my four miles in.

People were enjoying floating in rafts down the river, hanging out and having a picnic or just keeping cool in the hot summer heat.

fullsizeoutput_a4cToday I learned to avoid thinking too much about what exercises should be in my gym workout. I’m just exploring the gym and finding equipment to use to get at least one hour of exercise.

I’m feeling better with each new day. Now I just need to stop overthinking everything and take action. As Gary John Bishop advises in his book,  we need to get out of our heads and into our lives.

DSC_0730Tomorrow is Day 17 of my 77-day, self-imposed Boot Camp. I’m actually looking forward to it — even if it is leg day. lol

**Note: This blog is an unsolicited endorsement of Gary John Bishop’s book. And because he’s a passionate Scotsman, I’m enjoying listening to his accent in the audiobook.


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