Boot Camp, Days 18 & 19: Time to rise and grind!

Note: Writing a daily fitness blog can be damn hard work! Today is one of those  days, so excuse me if today’s installment seems a bit fragmented. It is.

Today, I”m combining Day 18 and Day 19 of my self–imposed, 77-day (10-week) Boot Camp. Wildfires in California have made the air quality very unhealthy. So, the smoke has been forcing me to get my cardio indoors.

Thick smoke from a huge outbreak of wildfires across California has been blown into the Reno area, posing dangerous level of unhealthy air. Exercising outdoors under these conditions is not even really an option on some real smoky days.

As a result, it’s tough to figure out what to blog about. But here goes:

It’s no secret, I don’t like working out at the gym.  I prefer biking, hiking, jogging or some other activity that keeps my mind off of boring, repetitious task of lifting heavy things and putting them down again.

Working out is sometimes a grind. There’s going to be days that you don’t want to work out. That day has arrived for me!

My increased activity since beginning this self-imposed Boot Camp has resulted in setbacks, frustrations and injuries. It’s also forced me to work out despite constant barrage of  life’s calamities.

Cushioned shoe inserts are a good investment and will help reduce foot pain from an increase in physical activity.

I’m a big guy at 6-foot, 3-inches tall and weigh about 280 pounds. I’m overweight and need to loose weight. I know that. Not making excuses, but having TWO bouts with pneumonia last year has taken its toll on my energy, stamina, strength and conditioning.

Part of my daily routine is to get at least 3 miles of walking a day. That’s about 6,000 steps on a Fitbit.  Increased daily activity on my feet  translates to sore feet in the evenings.

My wife Tammy is no stranger to the gym and she advises me about my Boot Camp fitness quest every morning between 7:45 a.m. and 8 a.m.

She says a good alternative to walking, running and treadmill, which all involved repeated pounding of your entire body weight on the bottoms of your feet.

She recommended giving my aching feet a break by using other machines in the gym such as the bicycle, elliptical and rowing machines.

She also suggested putting cushioning shoe inserts inside of my workout shoes to lessen the impact to my feet. Turns out that my running shoes had virtually no cushioning.

When I went to the gym to finish my step goal for the day, I wore the shoes with the fresh, gel inserts. What a difference! There was some foot pain but it’s to be expected because I’m being far more physically active than normal.

When I got out of Marine Corps boot camp in 1972,  I weighed 180 pounds. So,  doing the simple math, I’m carrying exactly 100 pounds more weight.

My goal during this 11-week Boot Camp is to increase my strength and endurance. I’d also like to trim off at least 20 pounds by Oct. 1, the end of my 77-day, self-imposed Boot Camp.

Not losing weight while increasing your activity usually is normal.

Incredibly, my weight since I started Boot Camp on July 17 has incredibly hovered right at 280 pounds. Today is only Day 19, so I’m not going to stress about losing weight right now.

Tammy says to more patient. Maintaining weight while being active is normal. Eventually, as my strength and endurance improves, the weight is bound to come off. Plus, losing too much weight too fast is unhealthy. Also, having an inactive thyroid gland has thrown a wrench into the works because my body metabolism is abnormally low.

Sometimes distractions can make a workout seem to go by quicker.

On a separate note, on Friday, I discovered a great distraction for working out at the gym: “National Geographic TV.”  While I’m on the treadmill, I usually graze the 40 channels of crap before shutting it off and listening to music.

My Fitbit throws a mini-party on my wrist when I achieve my daily step goal.

Started watching a special on the “Seven Mysterious Wonders of Egypt” or some such, and the next thing I know my Fitbit is vibrating and spazing out for achieving my step goal.

So, for the next few workouts, I’m going to coordinate my gym visits to the next NatGeoTV special. Gonna get in my workout and learn some cool stuff, too!

Working out takes commitment, discipline and drive.

So, tomorrow will be Day 20 of my 77-day (11 week) self-imposed Boot Camp.

I’m enjoying this journey, despite the setbacks and obsticles, but I’m gradually learning how to enjoy the daily grind.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get back to the gym and get my grind on.

Rise & Grind copy
Writing a daily blog, similar to exercising daily can be challenging. Especially if you’re out of the habit of writing and exercise. The key to being successful at nearly anything is to just grind it out each day the best you can and keep moving forward.


















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