Mediterranean Anyone?

I did a little research on the Mediterranean diet and am going to combine it with a low-carb diet. I prefer to customize my diet by using common sense and paying attention to the amount of fat, protein and carbs I’m putting into my body. Basically, weight loss happens when the number of calories burned off by the body’s metabolism exceed the number of calories consumed. Easy-Peasy!

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With summer here and travel on many of our schedules…I figured we’d go International. 🙂

Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet?

It’s the diet plan that cardiologists are recommending to the patients at risk for heart disease and for those who already have problems. There’s a great deal of information in The Complete Mediterranean Diet, but it’s presented in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.

Dr. Michael Ozner wrote The Complete Mediterranean Diet after becoming a top advocate of preventing heart disease. He’s a cardiologist and national speaker on the topic of how to treat and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Reports of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol have been connected to the way we eat in a straightforward, scientific way. But, those who live around the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a life of fresh and wholesome foods don’t have the same problems others do.


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Boot Camp: Day 2

Second day of my self-imposed Boot Camp: Just had my 15-minute consultation with my wife, Tammy. (For the initiated, Tammy is my wife, a talented math teacher, a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a bodybuilder.) This is a photo I took of her posing on stage. She is using the photo for the cover of... Continue Reading →

Boot camp redoux! Day One!

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A journey begins with one step

Just a quick note to my friends.I've begun a journey to a simpler, happier and healthier life. It's an exciting journey and I'm looking forward to my new lifestyle.My goal is to restore my body with diet and exercise. Yup, decided I need to try to keep up with my wife, Tammy, who is seven... Continue Reading →

Nik photo editing plug–ins are FREE!

Google's Nik Collection of desktop image editing plug-ins is now free! Yes, free! Nik's Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and Dfine apps are all available as a free download from Google, which used to charge $150 to buy it. Click here and then click "download" to... Continue Reading →

Week one and DONE!

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