Week one and DONE!

Sunday, May 7, 2017 Yay, me! Made it through my first week of "Paul's May Makeover Fitness Quest." lol "The Quest" consists of two daily gym visits, an hour of outdoor cardio (when possible, indoor when not possible)  and more attention to my water intake, diet and nutrition. On Saturday, I did body measurements and... Continue Reading →

Happy Left-Handers’ Day!

Today, Aug. 13, is International Left-handers' Day. There are many people who share this special trait that once was taboo in many societies. I'm a left-hander and proud of it. If you're a left-hander, you're in good company. Here are a few famous left-handers you may have read about: Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar,... Continue Reading →

I (heart) exercise!

It's been a full month since I began my quest for improved health and fitness in 2016. As a new year's resolution, I bought an 18-month gym membership and have made it a point to get to the gym every single day in January. To keep track of my progress and commitment, I attached a... Continue Reading →

A New Day Dawning

I hate new year's resolutions! There, I said it. In the past, I've avoided making resolutions like the plague.  I've also been have been quick to criticize people who vow to lose weight, quit smoking, be kind to small animals and children, or any other addle-brained schemes that last a couple weeks and then fizzle... Continue Reading →

Game on!

Throwback Thursday: I love collecting vintage game boards! Back in the day, we didn't have Nintendo®, Playstation®, the Internet, smart phones and myriad of other electronic distractions to suck up our time and energy. Remember when families and friends got together and entertained themselves playing games for hours on end? It created many lasting friendships,... Continue Reading →

Dear Universe: We need a good one-half horsepower garage-door opener motor. Don't need no stinkin' new one;  Anything that's in working condition will be perfectamundo. It's kinda beneficial that it's been broken because we've been having to open and close it manually.  It's like doing a 60-pound military press each time we open or close... Continue Reading →

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